Creative Director

Kara from a very young age had a natural flair for hair as it was her passion, she knew this was going to be her life. Little did she know that she would make so people happy in the process? After years of training in 2004 she qualified as one of the best because of her passion, creativity and desire to make people feel good about themselves. Her faith in her ability ensured that she would not just succeed but win a host of awards along her way to the top.

As the Creative Director Kara will ensure your salon experience is a premium service. Offering professional advice whilst ensuring that you are heard. Manageable and healthy hair with a happy client is Kara’s priority.

Kara’s calming but bubbly nature puts you are ease immediately. Explaining what she is doing and listening to what you want all with that dazzling smile mean you are in great (maybe slightly coloured) hands.


Senior Stylist

Shaylee started her hairdressing career at the Australian Academy of hairdressing. Her passion for people, sparkling personality and friendly nature along with her love of all things beauty have helped ensure that Shaylee has the creativity to help you look and feel amazing.

They say do what you love and this is certainly the case, it shows in her work and the awards she has received over the years. When you sit in the chair you will be heard and together you can create the perfect look for you today, tomorrow and next week.



In September 2014 a patient Rachel finally took the leap into hairdressing and has not looked back. After working in many other career prospects Rachel realised hairdressing was her passion and her dream and could also incorporate her creative flair. Helping each individual feel great is part of the thrill that drives Rachel to continue on this exciting path. Showing plenty of promise and determination Rachel is certainly one to help you get that smile on your face to match your beautiful hair.

For the team Rachel is the calm. Taking her time to ensure you are truly happy. Expecting nothing short of perfection for herself, this transfers to her work. Whilst Rachel is still training her future is looking as bright as her delightful nature.

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